Black & White, From Image to Print

By: Joseph Votano

Award winning photographer, Joseph Votano, shows you, in simple terms, how to create prize winning black and white digital images and prints.

Joe starts by explaining how to set up Photoshop CS3 for processing the images.  He then goes on to talk about transforming color images to black and white.  He discusses the relationships between colors and their grayscale equivalents, comparing images in color and in black and white and discussing why some are successful and others are not.

Joe steps you through workshops in which you work on images that you download from our website.

He describes, in detail, six different methods of converting from color to black and white in Photoshop.  To make his explanations easy to follow, he shows the Photoshop menus for each stage of the process.  He then compares the results from each method and the merits and disadvantages of each.

He next shows you how to fine tune your images in Photoshop using curves, the history brush, sharpening,  and other techniques.

Finally he describes how to make gorgeous black and white prints using a high quality, ink jet printer.

Click here to view sample sections from the book.

Price: $14.95


Windows only


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