Boston and Cape Ann...Places and Scenes to Photograph

By: Joseph Votano and Leslie Wood

What you will find:

  • Over 300 images on 200 pages

  • Maps showing exactly where each image was taken

  • Charts showing the time, date and critical data you need to take each image yourself

  • Background information on the images and locations

  • Neighborhoods and places photographed include: Downtown; Public Garden; Back Bay; The Waterfront; Faneuil Hall Marketplace; Christian Science Center; Beacon Hill; The Kennedy Library; Charlestown and many others.

For a complete change of pace, we head 30 miles north to Cape Ann and explore its rugged coastline and fishing ports like Gloucester and Rockport.  You will see beautiful images of lighthouses, fishing boats, beaches and salt marshes.  Again, maps show the exact location of each image and all the relevant data about the image is included.

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Price: $19.95


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The authors did a fantastic job on the eBook on Boston and Cape Ann. I just love it.... KUDOS!  I learned more about the places and scenes to photograph in Boston and Cape Ann than I could have possibly done on my own.

The images were excellent in quality and so were the different compositions. It certainly gave me a different perspective when shooting at different times of the day. The Boston/Cape Ann travelogue definitely saved me time in identifying places and scenes to photograph.  It saved me time from doing research on where the desired scene is located and how to get there.

The 300 images are certainly sufficient but I have an insatiable appetite for places to photograph so there is always room for more. I loved all the commentaries that came with the images--especially, the technical info. (The commentaries were just about right in length.)

Joan Francoeur



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