The best black and white photographs and their stories. From a nationally known photographer:

"Through the Eyes of Ulrike Welsch"

Her sense of wonder, humor, and humanity are what makes Ulrike’s images so admired by other photographers. "Through the Eyes of Ulrike Welsch" is a compendium of her published works from over 20 years as a photojournalist, from the early 60s to early 80s. Here she reveals her thoughts and feelings  as she narrates the stories behind the photographs which won her so many awards.  She also includes some shop-talk on how she took them. 


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Past accolades for her previously published works say it all:

"…. A book of uniformly excellent images…"

- National Geographic Magazine


" I have long admired Ms. Welsch’s photography, and this book provides a superb collection."

- Photo Editor, The New York Times


" Her pictures are technically wonderful, but that is not what distinguishes her work. Craft is informed by vision, and hers shows a marvelous sense of wonder, humor, and downright enjoyment."

- The Real Paper, Boston

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REVIEW   by  Liz  McNulty

 Through the Eyes of Ulrike Welsch  (an e-Book) by Ulrike Welsch  

Spending a Sunday afternoon immersed in the new e-Book, Through the Eyes of Ulrike Welsch,  is a pleasurable experience akin to spending the afternoon with the photographer and her photographs.  Those interested in photojournalism in general and Welsch’s work in particular, can stop wondering about how she does it. 

In the book, Welsch provides viewers with more than 170 of her best black and white newspaper photos taken over a 20-year period.  Each photo is accompanied by text explaining how she produced it.  Her voice comes across in her explanations but it can literally be heard, too.  Some photos give the viewer the option of clicking on “VOICE” and hearing Welsch speak about that photo.  That’s a treat. 

The enjoyment one always derives from looking at Welsch’s photos is greatly enhanced by her comments, written and spoken.  Longtime shutterbugs may feel nostalgic when she references her Nikon F2, Kodak Tri-X 400 film, and burning in backgrounds in the darkroom.  The book brings back memories of historic events such as Pope John Paul II’s visit to Boston, the arrival of the Tall Ships in ’76, the opening of the Kennedy Library, and busing.  It gives photographers food for thought  --maybe asking a subject to do something, politely seeking permission from an authority figure, or climbing to photograph from on high can produce a better photo. 

Welsch’s photos in this e-Book are from times past when newspapers thrived.  At the end, she assures viewers that she has moved on into the digital age.  Her e-Book is proof that she has embraced new technology and, interestingly, here she has used it to make accessible timeless photos from the past that could otherwise be forgotten.       

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