France, the Loire Valley, Brittany & Paris

By: Joseph Votano


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Joe Votano takes you on a photographic tour of the picturesque French countryside, villages, and châteaux.  Share Joe's fascination with the architecture and beauty of the châteaux and rural villages.  Study how he captures their mood and grandeur.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Loire Valley

Section 3: Brittany

Section 4: Paris


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I purchased the USPhotogroup's French package after visiting France last year.  This was unfortunate since I now know where I should have spent more time to capture some truly photographic scenes.  I will be sure to review this package before my next trip.  The images were compelling; all of them were well composed and led to a desire visit each location.  Originally my intent was to use the slides to help us identify the best locations in France for our photographic expedition but this package did the opposite. We have now expanded our plans to visit all the locations and extend our next trip.  I only hope I can capture an equal number of wonderful images at these same sites. I was amazed at the uniform clarity and artistic composure for each image on all the side trips to the French country side.  The photos in color and black and white were stunning in the presentation.  I have only had the pleasure to view the French slide presentation but I will check back to the USPG's website to generate new ideas for other trip ideas in the future.  It seems they have done all the work of selecting ideal locations and illustrating their potential for us. It is so much better than any other travelogue presentation I have looked at in the past. Viewing the slides before planning a trip to any of the locations will inspire any photographer whether they are a novice or advanced professional to visit a new location.

 Best of luck,

 Marc Parham, Ph.D.

The "France Four Part Travelogue” has some really wonderful images. Having spent time in France, it was great to be reminded of some of the beautiful places I had visited, especially the Châteaux in the Loire Valley. There are so many sites to see in that area that it is easy to miss out on some lesser known gems, and I would have loved to have had access to the travelogue at the time. In addition to the captivating imagery, it has some excellent advice on what to see, background information, as well as helpful photography tips, such as the best time of day for pictures or what kind of equipment is allowed at certain attractions. The France Four Part Travelogue is a great resource for the traveling photographer.”

 Lauren Morse

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