For many years, Ron Rosenstock has led photographic tours of this amazing country where English is spoken almost universally as a second language.  See his beautiful images in this, two part, 25 minute tour of this fascinating island, literally a land of fire and ice, where fiery lava flows side by side with glacial ice.

It is a land of unique architecture, majestic landscapes, waterfalls and rainbows and a history dating back to the first settlers in 874 A.D.  You will love it!

Downloadable Version (Windows only) - $17.95

File size: 63mb

Download time: approx 5 min


*DVD: $19.95 + shipping & handling

* Note:
The DVD version includes the high resolution file for your PC plus a video version for your television or MAC.


...Land of Fire and Ice

By: Ron Rosenstock

Click on the center image to watch this three minute preview

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