By: Ron Rosenstock

This photo guide is a visual treat.  Ron has been leading  photo-tours to Morocco for ten years, it is one of his favorite photographic locations, so he knows the places, people and sites to photograph.  See his beautiful shots inside the many mosques.  Ron starts his photo tour in Casablanca and takes you to: Essauoira; Marrakech; Valley of 1,000 Casbahs; Merzouga and the Sahara Desert.

Wherever Ron takes us, he shows us beautiful photographs and advice on how to take our own images.

Run time:: - 23 minutes


Downloadable Version (Windows only) - $17.95

File size: 90mb

Download time: approx 5 min


*DVD: $19.95 + shipping & handling

* Note:
The DVD version includes the high resolution file for your PC plus a video version for your television or MAC.

Click on the center image to watch this three minute preview

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