Southwest England, the Cotswolds and London

By: Joseph Votano


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Containing over 300 images, this slideshow by award winning photographer, Joe Votano, visits villages and farmlands, palaces and cathedrals, the hilly countryside and rugged coastlines of Devon and Cornwall and explores the streets of Oxford and Central London.

Section 1: Southwest England: From Salisbury to Stourhead, the Cornish Coast to Wells and up to Lacock

Section 2: The Cotswolds: From Bibury to Warwick Castle and on to Oxford.

Section 3: Central London: Along the Thames, Westminster, the people of London and "The Eye".

We have reduced the size and resolution of the show to display over the Internet.  The actual show will be larger and clearer.

This demo does not include the narration from the complete show

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Each year, and for the past 16 years, I 'cross the pond' for a month and journey to England, staying with my British friends in Nottingham who proceed to book my month full of castles, stately homes, and everything that's British. After viewing this photo-travelogue, I can say that it is informative historically and can see it being particularly helpful for the first-time visitor.  The photography captures wonderful London and its most important features, the charm of the Cotswold region (a positive must), the spirituality of Wells and Salisbury Cathedrals, beautiful Bath, the serene countryside and the essence of a country I consider to be a hidden gem.

If you're not already in love with England, begin here, enjoy the photography, then 'cross the pond' yourself.

 Susan Demarco

My wife, Alice, and I have spent quite a bit of time traveling to almost all of the places described in the England Three-Part-Travelogue from USPhotoGroup. We have traveled all the British Isles mostly by our own power.  Weve also traveled to Cancun, Aruba, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The photography is absolutely gorgeous in this photo-travelogue.  I would have to say the images are better than I have seen in both Frommers and AAA brochures. The music is well-suited to the images and synchronizes well with them.  The narration is clear, not too fast, and not too slow.

I would willingly pay the going rate of $22.95 USD for a CD or DVD or $19.95 USD for a download, or even $29.95 for a Blu-Ray disc just to see the images and know where to go to capture them. I want to finish this review by commending the fine work of the USPhotoGroup team who helped put together this Photo-Travelogue.  I really wish the travelogue was available to Alice and me when we were in our planning stage for a trip to UK. It would have saved a great deal of planning and communication between us in deciding where to go and what to see.

Alice and Robert Yelle

I have viewed your three-part photo travel guide of England. Your photography is simply amazing and, I, as well as, family and friends have thoroughly enjoyed the "trip" through Southwest England, The Cotswolds, and London.

Having traveled to London several times and most recently last June to Oxford, I had no thought of returning to England in the near future.  However, the beautiful and interesting images in your travelogue have me rethinking a trip to Southwest England and the Cotswolds. Your magnificent shots of Stonehenge, Wells Cathedral, Warwick Castle, Bibury, the Cotswold Hills, to name just a few, were absolutely breathtaking and of such high quality that one certainly cannot find in the common printed travel guides and travel web sites.

The price of the CD is a great value and I will highly recommend it and your other products to fellow travelers. I cannot imagine traveling in the future without first checking your web site for any available travelogues.

Very truly yours,

John Caldwell

Highland Beach, FL