Single Point Composition.. Interesting Images Can Result

 To start with, youíre probably asking what is single point composition? Well, think of the compositional elements in an image. There are points, lines, and shapes. Points build into lines and lines build into shapes. The latter has three basic forms: a triangle, a rectangular and a circle. From these basic forms various shapes can be constructed; e.g., circle can be turned into an ellipse. Thatís fine from a geometric standpoint but what about single or several point composition- what is meant? 

What is meant here by a point is a small object in the image which stands out from the other elements in the image in both the foreground and the background and is the subject of the image. Donít think of it as a geometric point. It stands out because its color, shape, tone, sharpness or a combination thereof differs from all else in the image. The area a single point/subject occupies in the image can range anywhere from 1/5 (20%) to 1/75 (1.3%) of the image; any larger it becomes mainly the image or any smaller, it is difficult to decipher.  Another concern is the placement of the single point. Eccentric positioning is the key but it can be overdone.



Ok, letís look at two images, first a single point then turn to a double point composition. Here we look at a single point, the gull, and examine where the dynamic tension in the image lies.



What happens when the single pointís tension vector (the gullís direction) is reversed?  The gull is looking in the opposite direction. Of course, the gull didnít just turn around but with little help from Photoshop, it did.







Here we dealt with a single or double point subjects but that is somewhat arbitrary. One could have multiple points, which as a group become the subject. The mind works that way by tending to group objects that are similar.


To finish up, please look at different examples below of single and double point composition. Point objects can be almost anything as seen n these examples.

We hope you enjoyed this little foray into point composition. It can be fascinating. Please keep watch on our web site for our forthcoming tutorial on Composition by Shiv Verma.




J.R. Votano

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