Free Tutorials

  1. Understanding the PPI/DPI and Resolution Dilemma - by Shiv Verma
    Are you confused when people talk about Pixels Per Inch, Dots Per Inch and Image Resolution?  You are not alone.  Shiv Verma explains the dilemma in simple terms in this short photography tutorial.

  2. Sharpening your Digital Images - by Shiv Verma
    Plagued by halos around your edges when using Photoshop's "Unsharp Mask"?  Read Shiv's technique for overcoming the problem.

  3. Printing Color Images in Photoshop CS3 - by Joseph Votano
    In this complement to his eBook: Black & White, From Camera to Print, Joe explains the settings he uses in Photoshop CS3 when printing color images on an Epson R2400 printer.

  4. Creating a Good Impression - by Joseph Votano
    Here Joe shows us how to create an image in the style of the classic impressionist painters using Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Photoshop.

  5. Single Point Composition - by Joseph Votano
    Explores some of the basics of image composition

  6. Packing for that Photo Trip - by Joseph Votano
    Joe explains what camera equipment he takes with him when he is traveling.

  7. Increasing the Depth of Field in Macro Photography
    Depth of field is a severe limitation in macro photography.  Some new software now allows us to have limitless depth of field.

  8. The History Brush
    Learn how to add depth and fine tune your images using Photoshop's History Brush



We are currently working on more photographic tutorials for this site.  Watch out for: "Fine Tuning Your Photography" by Gary Stanley.



Check back soon.


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